Perhaps you are a gentleman with a refined sensibility eluded by a uniquely intimate connection. It is a close acquaintance with a special kind of woman that feeds the intellect as much as it pleasures the senses. There is something to be said for such a companion who naturally mirrors your desires. Our engagements will intertwine, becoming richly endowed with a vast range of indulgences. Suddenly, formidable expectations will be met effortlessly and that indefinable liaison will take shape as easily as the air we breathe. Surely now, there is great value to be found in this rare dynamic. Shall we explore each other a bit further?

As a woman who adheres to an epicurean philosophy, I find nothing more delightful than two people who discover the sensuality in everything they do. You see, my passion for culture is rooted as deeply as yours. Spontaneity is pure brilliance for I enjoy attending the opera in Rome as much as I love dining and dancing in Spain – all during the same weekend. The woes of life pushed aside, lazy afternoons will take us where they may as we soak up the arts, indulge in fabulous cuisine and of course, enjoy each other for desert. We share similar social charms of attending soirees and formal affairs as easily as a walk on the beach or a bike ride about Amsterdam. Ours is an appreciation for favorite interests and pastimes such as politics, economics, golf and polo to mention some.

When a dazzling smile is a wonder to behold, mine will cause you to forget anything but the present. After sipping the elegance of an aged, red wine, our pulses might increase. As I dim the lights, your attention will be drawn to the shapeliness of my curves and the creamy smoothness of my skin; the unending length of my shapely legs; the seductiveness of my eyes and inviting fullness of my lips. Because our union is fortified with solid character, discretion is a given. We needn’t worry about the sanctity of our world for it is ours exclusively.

Let us leave this juncture of our story for the intimacy that follows is best left discovered in person.