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David says ...

Date published: October 15, 2016 at 1:02 pm

I had been away oversea for work for 3 months without any sexual joy. I could not help but think of Eliza the most stunning and sensual and sexual cup of English "Hot Chocolate". I had not seen her since she went back to England. I tried to contact her and to my delight she was back and in Melbourne. She toured up to Sydney for a few days straight away so we could hook up. But that is Eliza a great heart and a purely professional lady. I wanted to try something different with her and she certainly did provide it. She tied me spread eagle to the bed and spent 1 hour in leather and 1 hour in latex giving me the most amazing sensual and sexual Femdom experience i have ever had. It was so amazing. But then she is such an amazing woman. Everyone loves chocolate. Forget Lindt, forget Cadburies . Boys,ladies, and couples open this chocolate package you will keep coming back for more.

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Well I was lucky enough to to have the opportunity to visit Eliza , wow what a beautiful female in more ways than one , if your thinking about seeing her , do yourself a favour and just see her ,she is one of the best working girls I have ever experienced , her looks , personality , body is just perfect , and she does make you feel so comfortable , she is so hot ,I really hope she visits my town again.

J, October 2016

Eliza Parker was very special and the action with her was on from the moment she opened the door. Eliza has an ability to guess what I enjoyed, then guess what I really enjoy. Within the first few minutes, She had found my key trigger points and was licking, kissing and sucking them, as she sent me to heaven. 

Our clothes magically disappeared, revealing Eliza's fluorescent green underwear, made even more lurid against her dark ebony coloured skin. She had also guessed another of my core delights – black stay-ups, staying-up and finishing just short of the top of her legs. In keeping with my liking for stay-ups, these stay-ups stayed-up for all of our play, with the pink bows and pink heel flashes referencing the pinkness of her mouth and accentuated her legs as she flipped from one position to another. Eliza's black high heels with pink soles, weren't as long lasting as the stay-ups, only lasting on her feet until around the half way point of our play.

Our time together had a dreamy quality to our enjoyment, assisted by Eliza being athletic, strong and flexible with great instincts, allowing her to flip, roll and contort into many of my favourite positions. Eliza is a wonderful partner to enjoy and then enjoy again and again.

Mark, November 2015

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Oh my... My Eliza Parker , what did you just do to me.

Incredible!.. What an incredible experience. I wasn't going to leave a review as she has so many excellent ones, but I have to. That was amazeballs...
Ok, precisely as per photos, good looking girl, superb accommodation... yada yada... 
But, oh my god My Eliza Parker . Who taught you that sh*t. Holy mother of sweet divine beJaysus... I was teased to near climax about a half dozen times. This is no ordinary service. This is the ultimate service. The ultimate sexy erotic hardcore geisha girl. She toyed with me, and knew exactly what she was doing too.. I haven't had that rubber legs experience walking back to the car in years.

Who taught you that sexy sh*t..:)

Highest recommendation.

James from Cork, July 2016

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