The English philosopher Francis Bacon said, “He who questions much, shall learn much and retain much” and I couldn’t agree more. An insatiable thirst for knowledge and wisdom inspires the curiosity and enthusiasm in everything that I do. Driving principles of kindness, empathy and hospitality have always kept me grounded. Holistic in approach, I maintain mental balance and clarity in a lifestyle that includes loads of travel, yoga, regular exercise and organic foods. It is not unusual to catch me smiling for no apparent reason!

Every city and country has its own sort of moral code, if you will. I truly love to discover and understand firsthand these little traditions. From this perspective, there is no such thing as a dull afternoon when I can steal away for a cup of tea in a tiny, unassuming café hours before attending a formal evening affair. Drenched in the unknown, one is more inclined to meet the most interesting folk in such an environment!

Curious about the inner workings of the intellect, I find myself particularly fulfilled when amidst music, art and literature. No matter where I am, time allows for a jog in the park, attending an art exhibit or a quick jaunt to the bookstore.

I am at peace with life and drawn to the gent who shares that same equilibrium between body, mind and spirit. Perhaps we shall steal away to fetch a bunch of my favorite roses, a block of cheese and a bottle of Bordeaux all set to the tone of a smashing conversation about diverse topics.

Quality of living is reserved for those willing to seize the moment. I am certainly no exception and neither are you.